O.U.R. - Operation Underground Railroad & MyMedic

MyMedic has been helping O.U.R. and Tim Ballard save children from slavery since the organization became operational in 2013. Early on we decided that our company would be focused on easing pain & suffering across the world. We do this in a variety of ways no matter how painful it is on our checkbook because the entire reason for MyMedic existing is to save lives, to help the helpless.

We have partnered with Tim Ballard at Operation Underground Railroad to help them rescue children trapped as sex slaves the world over. Our goal is to supply the Jump Teams in case of medical emergency, ensure the rehabilitation centers are properly trained and equipped, and to spread the word of this inspiring organization. We have provided the documentary film and upcoming major network television series The Abolitionists with First-Aid Kits and training to help keep them safe as they go deep undercover with O.U.R.  to document the amazing work being done. 

See for yourself:

Recently CBS did a story on O.U.R. see below:


To date, MyMedic has donated more than 5 semi-trucks full of First-Aid Kits and Supplies to victims of natural disaster here in the U.S. in our partnership with the Mercury One foundation, another partner that supports O.U.R. We have donated the supplies for basic needs like clothing and food to orphanages in Haiti that care for the children O.U.R. has liberated; the list goes on.

My Medic has given since day one and we will continue to give and to serve no matter the cost to our bottom-line. That's what we do at MyMedic, we serve others, because it feels good to give!

In order to find a way for our customers to be actively involved we've created an Official First-Aid Kit in partnership with O.U.R. as another way to help. We are donating 100% of the profit of our O.U.R. Jump Kit to Operation Underground Railroad.

Thank you to the men and women risking their lives to rescue these children. Helping the helpless.

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