Hear Ye! Hear Ye! MyMedic Proudly Presents Our New Contest Winner


We asked for your best reactions to our new logo and boy did you guys deliver! We had so many awesome responses to our new logo but there can be only one winner of this hideous sweatshirt.

Wanna buy this charming little number? You can find it at the Design By Humans website by clicking here.

Congratulations to John B. from North Carolina for his epic response!

My lords! My ladies.
And everybody else here NOT sitting on a cushion:
Today, today, you find yourselves equals.
For you are all equally blessed.
For I have the pride, the privilege, nay, the pleasure
Of introducing to you a Medic Kit, sired by Medics,
A Medic Kit who can trace its lineage way back beyond Charlemagne.
I first met this medic kit atop a mountain near Jerusalem,
Praying to My Medic,
Asking it's forgiveness,
Next, My Medic amazed me still further in Italy
When it saved a fatherless beauty
From the would-be ravishings
Of dreadful Turkish uncles.
In Greece, My Medic spent a year in silence
Just to better understand the sound of a whisper.
And so, without further gilding the lily,
And with no more ado,
I give to you the Seeker of Serenity,
The Protector of Italian Virginity,
The Enforcer of our Lord God,
The One --
The Only --
MY Medic!!!!
....... in other words... the new logo is pretty friggin' awesome.

The New MyMedic Logo

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