MyMedic & Leatherman Teamed Up Like Buddy Cops To Make September Great Again!

At MyMedic, we value people and lives so we love that September is National Preparedness Month because we get a chance to help you be prepared for anything. We partnered with Leatherman to give away a free First Aid Kit and tools every week in September! That’s not all; we’re also offering 20% off of any order from our shop using the code BEPREPARED20! You can enter the contest at

On the first week we’ll be giving away a Leatherman Skeletool and a MyMedic Solo. The Solo is a perfect kit to take hiking or backpacking. It comes with gauze, liquid skin, sting & bite relief, bandages a RATS tourniquet and more. Get to know the Solo better at

The Skeletool RX is designed for emergency situations. The Skeletool can be opened with just one hand and is loaded with pliers, wire cutters, a deeply serrated knife and carbide glass-breaking bit. The Skeletool RX is an essential tool for any EMT or first responder. 

On week two we’re giving away a MyMedic MyFAK and a Leatherman Skeletool. The MyFAK comes loaded with life saving gear, perfect to keep in your home, car or truck. Learn more about the MyFAK at

For the third week of Preparedness Month, we’re giving away a Raptor and a Skeletool by Leatherman and a Recon by MyMedic. Leatherman’s Raptor shears feature the necessary tools for medical professionals to handle emergency situations. When it's a question of survival, the Raptor answers loud and clear. The Raptor has a pocket clip and comes equipped with 6 tools including folding medical shears, a ring cutter, a strap cutter, an oxygen tank wrench, a ruler and a carbide glass breaker. The Recon is our mid-sized First Aid Kit and comes fully stocked with the best supplies available today to keep you prepared for almost any situation. Take a look at the Recon at 

Leatherman and MyMedic went all out for the final week of Emergency Preparedness Month with a The Medic First Aid backpack and TWO Leatherman Skeletools! The Medic is a made to rugged military standards and comes loaded with over 700 First Aid & Trauma items. There is no backpack that will keep you more prepared than The Medic! See everything it has to offer here 

Our mission at MyMedic is to help as many people to be prepared to save lives as possible. One of the best things about being part of the MyMedic team is having the honor of interviewing heroes who have used a MyMedic kit to save a life or have their life saved. It is always a humbling experience to hear their extraordinary stories and to learn how essential the tools in our First Aid Kits are to saving lives. We love knowing that our efforts are saving lives and we want to help you be prepared to help save a life too. So every week in September we are giving away the tools you need to be ready to become a hero and 20% off of any order from our shop using the code BEPREPARED20