Aluminum Penlight


Need to look inside a rabbit's ear? That's weird. Curious about an orifice? Don't even know what that is? We got you. 

This aluminum penlight by MyMedic has everything you need to explore the depths of... well, you know. There's a pupil gauge for your eyes and a 5 cm ruler for who-knows-why. If you don't know why you need this then you probably don't.



+ Focused white LED light

+ Clicky pen-style on/off to avoid accidental activation

+ Depressed bulb design to protect if dropped. Try throwing it. Something might break but it won't be the bulb.

+ Runs on two AAA batteries (included because we're nice)



+ Size | 5.25" length x .5 mm diameter

+ Weight | 1 oz

+ Comes with a battery guard so it doesn't turn on during shipping. Remove before use by unscrewing the top. If you call us to say your penlight doesn't work and we find out the battery guard is still on, we'll make you slap yourself.