SWAT-T Tourniquet

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SWAT-T is an easy to use multi-purpose emergency medical device. When compared to the windlass Combat Application Tourniquet (the military gold standard tourniquet) the SWAT-T was found to operate at safer pressures and to be more effective. The SWAT-T is felt to be more intuitive and easy to apply after minimal training (even in sensory deprived settings). Its name describes how to use it: stretch, wrap and tuck.



+ Tourniquet |The SWAT-T can be used as a tourniquet when bleeding is severe (arterial) and loss of life is of greatest concern.

+ Pressure Dressing | Can be used as a pressure dressing for less severe bleeding.

+ Elastic Bandage |The SWAT-T can also function as an elastic wrap to splint an extremity for immobilization, stabilize a twisted knee/ankle, sling a shoulder, and hold ice near sprains and strains.



+ Dimensions | Unstretched | 4" x 56"

+ Weight | 4oz


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