Pet Medic Med Pack

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A compact and portable all-in-one First Aid solution for common pet injuries, because your four-legged friend can get hurt, too!

  • Use as a grab-and-go kit, or use as a supplemental module to boost your first aid kit or bug-out bag!

View what's inside guide for kit contents.


Height: 6.05 in

Width: 6 in

Depth: 2.1 in

Weight: 82 g

"The PET medic pack is small, compact and lightweight enough to carry in a jacket pocket or a small backpack. Convenient for any PET emergency while in the field." - Todd D.

Hand-Picked by Experts
Built in the USA
Lifetime Guarantee
HSA/FSA Approved
  • What's Inside
    sport & outdoor
    sprain & fracture
    tools & devices

     3 Triple Antibiotic Ointment

    Helps prevent and treat most minor skin infections.

     Super Wrap

    Lightweight compression bandage which sticks to itself.


    Used for removing slivers or for items too small for fingers.

     2 Non-Adherent Pads

    Allow dressing to absorb, help minimize trauma to the wound.

    2 BZK Wipe

    Antiseptic first aid wipe

     2 P.A.W.S. Wipe

    Antimicrobial hand wipe

     4 2x2 Gauze Pad

    For skin regimens & wound care.

     2 Gauze Roll 3"x12.5'

    Highly absorbent wound dressing

     4 Diphen Packet

    Used to relieve symptoms of allergy, hay fever, and the common cold.

     Pet First Aid Guide

    Guide to administering first aid to pets

     Slip Leash

    Combination of leash and collar