Where are your kits built? Where are the contents made?

All First Aid Kits are made at our headquarters in North Salt Lake, Utah. We seek out the best First Aid supplies on Earth. Our products are sourced from several countries including the United States, Germany, Israel, Canada, China, South Africa, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

FSA/HSA approved?

All products on our site are HSA/FSA approved, with the exception of the 10 Essentials Kit and some survival tools such as the Leatherman Raptor, fire starters, etc. Please use your HSA/FSA card at checkout. Your insurance company may want an itemized receipt to approve your purchase, so please reach out to us and we can send you a PDF.

Can I buy bags alone?

Yes! Go to the Bags and Cases page under the supplies tab to find them: https://mymedic.com/collections/bags-cases-1

Do you offer discounts for X?

YES! We have discounts for First Responders, Military, Medical personal, Firefighters, and Teachers https://mymedic.com/pages/discounts

Instruction or training?

Check out our Youtube channel and Vimeo for more exciting videos! (Link to training videos) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGML8gaxKdypsr1wvFoLExg

Is there a PDF version of the What’s Inside Guide?

No there is not, however all of our kits will come with hang tags with all the items listed in the future.

How long is your shipping/fulfillment time?

See our Shipping Policy for this information. https://mymedic.com/pages/shipping-policy

Can I switch out the Rapid Tourniquet to a CAT?

No, we cannot switch out items in kits because it messes up inventory. However you can purchase the CAT separately.

What kit is best for me?

Take our Kit Finder quiz to see what kit would suit you best! https://mymedic.outgrow.us/mymedic-74