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This special Gun Trauma Kit was created with our U.S. Law Shield members in mind. We specifically designed and engineered it to effectively treat traumatic gunshot injuries and save lives!

Engineered to Treat Traumatic

Firearm-Related Injuries

Designed by


Packed & Shipped in the United States of America


for Life

The short answer: Yes. Your life could change in an instant. Whether you're a victim of a home invasion or suffer a traumatic gun injury, this trauma kit contains all the tools you need to save your life or the lives of your loved ones.

“No one plans on a disaster happening to them, but when it does, you’ll need quick access to life-saving supplies.”

Jeff L.

“Fast access to my First Aid Kit had EMS in awe and impressed with how quickly I was able to get the bleeding under control.”

John P.

“It was a full metal jacket; it went in and right out his thigh. I couldn’t believe it. He knows how to handle his firearms safely. We were living that “It will never happen to me” moment right now.”

Yancey L.

As a trauma kit, our product meets gold standards for MARCH requirements:


  • (M) Massive Hemorrhage,
  • (A) Airway,
  • (R) Respiration,
  • (C) Circulation, and
  • (H) Hypothermia.

A life threatening injury could happen to anyone. Be prepared with the best trauma kit on

the market. Get peace of mind with the U.S. Law Shield Trauma Kit from MyMedic

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