James Bond, Jason Bourne, Edward Scissors-In-Your-Pocket... having this multi-tool will make you no different from them. You'll have everything you need to make the car-to-helicopter jump on the daily. This 22-tool device has exactly 22 tools so you can use tools - like 22 of them. Don't be a tool... be a Multi-Tool! You'll love the darling little cardboard box that it comes in, it's a real treasure and it even smells like real cardboard! Use it for kindling... or an education center for ants who can't read good.


+ Needle-nose pliers for those real hard to reach spots+ Regular pliers, because there's nothing better than being regular+ Wire cutters for, well... wires. It's really that simple+ 2.25" ruler for when you need to rule with accuracy and authority + File so you can... uh... file... your nails? No one uses that, let's be honest+ Large flathead screwdriver for those large-to-get-things that need screwing+ Small flathead screwdriver & pick because life's about the little things+ Knife for all your knifing needs. Knife an apple, a box, you can even dissect a spider! The world is your play-place so get out there and get knifing!+ Serrated knife because we figured what the heck, the only thing better than one knife is two knives! (and also free money)+ Bottle/Can opener. The only un-joke-able tool+ Scissors because taping your other two knives together and cutting anything is like crazy hard+ Phillips head screwdriver with screwdriver set attachment... doesn't come with attachment issues+ Screwdriver set: Phillips - small, medium, large. Flathead - small, medium, large. Hex - #3, #4, #6 and to be honest we added this for all those things in your life that really just need a bit of tender... loving... tightening+ Comes in pouch with a belt & MOLLE loop so you can attach it to practically anything except Jell-O


+ Size | Folded - 4" x 2" | Extended - 6.5" | In pouch - 5" x 2.75"

+ Weight | Tool - 8.9 oz | In pouch (with screwdriver set) - 11.6 oz

+ Not HSA/FSA Approved