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MyMedic Compass


Lost your keys? Can't find your belly button? MyMedic is here to save you...again. Keep this in your fanny pack on your next nature stroll, put your phone away, and try to navigate like your grandpa did. You'll get lost. It'll be fun. Make a friend... and Stay Alive!


Compass with numbers and stuff

Mirror for navigation and sending signals - or to scope that bug bite on your butt

Declination scale that measures length and distance (whatever that means)

Rotating ring with 2-degree increments for accurate reading... assuming you can read

Microfiber carrying pouch so she can stay cozy

Dust-proof, blood-proof, waterproof; unharmed by those tears of joy when you finally reach civilization

Find out how to actually use this alien technology in our Stay Alive Guide


+ Dimensions | 2.5" x 3.5" 

+ Not HSA/FSA Approved