The Recon | First Aid Bag


    Just the right size for everything you need to support multiple casualties and still have room for more. This is an in-house team favorite because of the way the bag can easily transition from your back to the front for quick and easy access when every second counts.  Outdoors, indoors or no doors, The Recon is ready. Are you?


    + Plenty of space with 7 compartments total

    + Rear concealed carry pocket

    + Velcro panels to accommodate hook and loop accessories

    + Three accessory pouches perfect for carrying a flashlight, knives, pistol and magazines or a Snickers Bar!

    Technical Data

    Dimensions | 12.5 in. x 8.5 in. x 7.25 in. | 770 cu. in.


    *By ordering MyMedic First Aid Kits you warrant that you have the required training and authorization to use the medical supplies contained within. MyMedic assumes no liability for their misuse.

    *There are no First Aid or Trauma supplies - This is a bag only option.