4th of July and Blowing Stuff Up!

As a 31 year old U.S. Army Veteran with almost 10 years of Active-Duty service and the co-founder of MyMedic, the 4th of July means more to me than most. This is partly due to having spent a few 4th of Julys in another part of the world as either a Combat Engineer or in Special Operations.

I can remember how comforting it was to know my family and friends were back home watching fireworks or enjoying potato salad and a burger by the pool somewhere. Being uncomfortable and most likely tired, hungry, cold, and hungry... and... well... hungry! was never unbearable on the 4th of July because there was a feeling of gratitude that I had the opportunity to serve my country, the opportunity for others to remain safe and free. The 4th is about independence and freedom as a nation and as individuals.

Today has always been centered around America's independence and our hard won freedom that we've maintained for so long. We show our patriotism for today as we eat too much and blow stuff up. Guess what? That makes me happy! That's what people who feel safe do and knowing that I contributed in the smallest way is fulfilling. Serving others is fulfilling and it's a personal independence and freedom that no one can take from you. 

As we think of our independence as a nation, this 4th of July, 2015, let's remember not only how we came to have our freedom but more importantly why we have our freedom. The 'how' comes by way of men and women serving when they offered to lay down their lives for economic, religious, and political liberty. The 'why' is easy, it's the theme of this article. 

We will always have our independence if we stand up for what we believe and if we always strive to ease the pain and suffering of others and because of that I'm thankful for my service.

Now, it's the 4th of July so stop screwing around on the internet and let's go eat too much and blow stuff up! 

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