Loss of a Loved One

    Not all beginnings start with happiness. A tragic accident that

    took the life of a family member was the motivation that started

    MyMedic. Several years ago a normal day turned dark after a car

    accident occurred. Bystanders without First Aid equipment or

    training watched for 40 minutes as a family member of ours bled to

    death. That’s how long it took EMS services to arrive on scene due to

    the remote location the accident had taken place. Help is further

    than you may think.

    As a family we came together and started MyMedic with one

    objective in mind, to save lives. Our goal is to prepare everyone with

    equipment and training for the unexpected emergency.

    We discovered that most people are not prepared for

    emergencies. It’s an unfortunate reality. Life can be gone in an

    instant, but if you had the power to prevent a loss, you would take it

    in a heartbeat. Whether you’re driving to and from work, enjoying

    the great outdoors, or staying home, the solution is peace-of-mind

    knowing that you have instant access to a MyMedic First Aid Kit.