5 Gifts Hunters Can't Live Without

Hunting is an activity enjoyed by millions of people across the globe, and there’s plenty of different ways to go about it. But while most hunters are generally cautious while filling their tag, you never know when things can go south. It’s not uncommon for hunters to get injured, so what better way to tell someone you love them then by giving them a gift that will keep them safe and alive throughout the whole hunt! 

For the Minimalist

These guys want to bring the absolute minimum of gear and keep everything as lightweight as possible. It’s understandable because who wants an unbearably heavy packout? However, just because they want to go light on the weight shouldn’t mean they neglect emergency first aid supplies! The Everyday Carry first aid kit is a perfect combination of minimalistic, lightweight, and trauma oriented. With this kit by their side, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll be prepared in a worst case scenario!

For The Day Hunter

Some hunters prefer to get their thrill from hunting for a single day. These people generally aren’t traveling too terribly far from civilization and don’t want or need a ton of gear. For these hunters, the best gift is a TFAK! Containing all the emergency trauma supplies you need, it’s ready for if their trip gets a bit more exciting than anticipated.

For The Backpack Hunter

There’s nothing like a brisk three day walk in the woods while you stalk your harvest! These multi-day hunters are also rather mindful of their weight, so it’s a good idea to keep their present on the lighter side, but they’ll definitely need a bit more than the strict minimalist. With the Sidekick Pro at their disposal, your friend will be able to chase elk to their heart’s content while having the peace of mind knowing that there’s both basic first aid and trauma gear nearby. 


Gift Guide for Hunters

For Mr. Prepared

You’re not sure whether they’re paranoid or just really good at looking ahead, but this friend likes to prepare for every possible scenario. Did you forget your binoculars? They have an extra pair! Too many people at the location you were wanting to hunt? Not a problem, they know of three other great spots! No matter what, you can count on them. So, what’s the best gift for someone like this? A MyFAK Pro is the perfect choice! Packed with enough supplies to cover three to five people, they’ll be ready for a medical emergency no matter where they roam.

A Little Something for Every Hunter

No matter what way your loved one chooses to hunt, we have the perfect gift for them! In the end, there’s nothing more important than their safety. Have a friend who’s less into hunting and more into the general outdoors? We have something for them too! Check out our offroader gift guide and easily become the best gift giver in their life. And want to hear the best part? We’re running Black Friday deals all month long so you can buy the best gift for your friends (and yourself, we don’t judge) at the best prices of the year! Don’t miss out on these limited-time deals!

Author | Allison Lee

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