Being Prepared Is Commonly Confused With Buying Stuff (and that's only half of the solution)

In a recent article we highlighted a 4th of July event where our First Aid Kit was used to render aid because of fireworks injuries. We didn't think it was a very serious incident at first but the below article was written by the "Medic" that bought our First Aid Kit and sent our way... I just finished reading.


It has become an annual tradition for my family to run in the Freedom Run 5k/10k race that starts at Kiwanis Park in Provo, UT. This year, after enjoying the local parade and some pool time with each other, we decided to head back to the park for a BBQ and found ourselves surrounded by a mass of fireworks and the spectacle of the bright colored, bone shaking, and booming explosions. 4th of July is now.


The excitement and frequency seemed to intensify as it got darker. Suddenly, the “ooh-ing and ahhh-ing” of the crowd turned to yelling and screaming. People started running away from the launch site as one of the mortars fell to its side and started launching fireworks into the crowd of spectators.

I saw one of the rockets slide right under my truck and explode. I ran towards the truck. On my way to the truck, I heard one of the spectators yelling for help. I approached her at the same time as a gentleman with a flashlight. He let her know that he was an EMT and he could help her. I mentioned that I had an emergency kit in my truck. He immediately responded with "I will meet you at the water fountain, bring what you have".

I grabbed MyMedic.

The First Aid Kit in the truck happened to be the MyMedic Kit I had just purchased. I ran to the fountain. The woman had first and second degree burns, seared hair and blood dripping from her scalp and ear canal from a blown eardrum and we were surrounded by frantic people.


The EMT was pouring water from the fountain on to her head as he attempted to locate the source of her bleeding. He wasn’t wearing gloves.

I opened my Kit and grabbed the light, nitrile gloves, and a bottle of sterile wound wash. The EMT refused the gloves as he was no longer sterile. I let him take the lead and simply complied with his requests. We proceeded to clean her up, took a 2x2 sterile gauze pad to plug her ear and 4x4 gauze with antibiotic for a small cut on the posterior part of her scalp. Another 4x4 pad with Burn Jel that we helped her place to the front of her ear. 

In the meantime, another gentleman approached us with the bottom of his foot swollen from a rocket that blew up under his foot as he was running away. I washed his foot with the rest of the wash, our EMT friend glanced over to examine his foot and continued to help our most serious injury. I helped him with burn dressing and an ice pack and sent him on his way.


By this point our lady friend was complaining of a headache. I offered Ibuprofen as the EMT checked her eyes. She had good reflex there and refused the Ibuprofen. "You're going to be okay”, the EMT told the woman as he continued to check her vitals.

I didn’t go to the fireworks and BBQ with any thought of needing my First Aid Kit. In fact, it may have been the farthest thing from my mind. I am so glad I had it with me. Even if my mind is far away from an emergency, at least I know my First Aid Kit is close.


Thank you to all of the team at My Medic for putting together such a great Kit that helped us respond to this situation.

Here are some things I learned: 

  1. Know where your products are in your bag.
  2. Learn more about what is needed for particular situations. 
  3. Practice these scenarios. 

I'll never go anywhere without MyMedic.

- Jorge Garcia

Co-Founder; BugOut Run


The point we want to make is that buying a First Aid Kit is not enough. You MUST know how to use it! Too often we have customers buying this stuff and refusing to take the time to learn how to use it and that requires more than just knowing what the items and products 'do'. 

Remember: Being prepared is more than just buying stuff.

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