Black Friday: Shop Early, Ship Early


Are you feeling frustrated by this super "extra" year? Our Black Friday Deals might not be the cure for 2020, but at least they will let you grab the best first-aid kits on the planet at the biggest savings of the year.

This holiday shopping season is going to be "extra-extra" unlike any other. Restrictions in certain areas will make in-person shopping challenging, and there will be the struggle of significant shipping delays for some businesses.

We know these times can be stressful enough without all the "extra.” We also know every family has experienced some financial hardship this year, so we decided to start our Black Friday Deals early to make the "extra” suck less and give everyone plenty of time to score that life-saving first-aid kit they need, or want to gift to a loved one. 

As 2020 has proven, month after month, we can never be too prepared. A first-aid kit can be the most thoughtful and practical gift you can share with family and friends.



The Best First-Aid Kit Gifts


The MyFak

The "essential" first-aid kit that should be in every home and vehicle. This kit contains over 100 quality first-aid and trauma supplies.
Inside you will find expert-picked supplies for: 
  • Bleeding
  • Airway
  • Burns
  • Hydration
  • Meds
  • Sprain & Fractures
  • Outdoor
  • Topical items

The Solo

A small, compact kit equipped with hand-picked essential life-saving supplies.
  • water resistant
  • lightweight
  • Packs well in a backpack or carry-on.
  • Contains over 45 quality, essential first-aid supplies.
  • HSA/FSA approved!

Range Medic

A small, simple all-in-one solution, engineered by medical professionals for anything that may happen at the range.
This kit contains over 35 quality supplies, including 15 trauma items.
HSA/FSA approved.

Boat Medic

As the official first-aid partner of the U.S. Sailing Team, this kit is equipped with everything you need in a portable, neatly organized waterproof container.
  • Sink-Proof
  • Crush-Proof
  • Dust-Proof.
  • Hand-picked by first responders, medical pros and boating experts.
  • HSA/FSA approved.

10 Essentials

Stocked with National Parks recommended 10 Essential categories that give you confidence for the unexpected.
  • Waterproof
  • Durable,
  • Doubles as a flotation device
  • Well-organized and complete with over 110 quality life-saving products.
  • HSA/FSA approved.

Everyday Carry Kit

This everyday carry kit is small, water-resistant, and lightweight. The updated, cleverly designed bag allows for quick one-handed access for on-the-go deploy while walking or running, so you can focus more on saving lives and less on whether your gear can keep up.

The Recon

life-saving supplies hand-picked by first responders and medical pros
  • Durable materials are made to rugged military standards.
  • Customizable with extra space for your individual needs.
  • Over 250 quality first-aid and trauma supplies (in the advanced version of this kit).
  • HSA/FSA approved.

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