Cambridge University Medical School Study Finds Rapid Medical Tourniquet More Conducive For Civilian Every Day Carry

Rapid Medical is pleased to share the Cambridge University Medical School findings of a study recently conducted in June of 2020 on the efficacy of commercial tourniquet designs for extremity hemorrhage control compared to a military-approved tourniquet. This study, which includes the Rapid Medical Tourniquet, clearly evaluates the Rapid Medical Tourniquet's competency without bias.

"This study plainly states what we here at Rapid Medical have known for years; the Rapid Tourniquet is FAST and easy to apply while also being one of the most effective tourniquets to successfully stop arterial bleeding available. The Rapid Tourniquet is simple, lightweight, easy to apply to adults, children, and pets. No other tourniquet is as adaptable, making it the obvious choice for civilian carry, including families." Stated Clint Chamberlain, Retired Army Captain, Veteran SLCPD Officer, Chief Operating Officer of Rapid Medical.

The study, conducted by nine emergency medicine residents, evaluated four different tourniquet designs.

Gen 7 Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT7; control) Stretch Wrap and Tuck Tourniquet (SWAT-T)
Gen 2 Rapid Application Tourniquet System (RATS)

Tourni-Key (TK)

Popliteal artery flow cessation was determined using a ZONARE ZS3 ultrasound. The steady-state maximal generated force was measured for 30 seconds with a thin-film force sensor.

Success rates for distal arterial flow cessation were: 89% CAT7
67% SWAT-T
89% RATS

78% TK (H 0.89; P = .83)
Mean (SD) application times were:
10.4 (SD = 1.7) seconds CAT7
23.1 (SD = 9.0) seconds SWAT-T
11.1 (SD = 3.8) seconds RATS
20.0 (SD = 7.1) seconds TK
(F 9.71; P <.001). Steady state maximal forces were: 29.9 (SD = 1.2) N CAT7
23.4 (SD = 0.8) N SWAT-T
33.0 (SD = 1.3) N RATS
and 41.9 (SD = 1.3) N TK.

Conclusion: All commercial TQ systems were non-inferior to the military-approved CAT7. Mean application times were less than 30 seconds for all four designs. The size of these commercial TQs may make them more conducive to lay- provider EDC, thereby increasing community resiliency and improving the response to high-threat events. The study can be accessed here: The Efficacy of Novel Commercial Tourniquet Designs for Extremity Hemorrhage Control: Implications for Spontaneous Responder Every Day Carry.

About Rapid Medical The Rapid Tourniquet was developed to be used in real-life situations, under stress,

including low-light/night. It is the only tourniquet on the market that works on adults, children, and pets. Unlike traditional tourniquets, there’s no threading, locks, or other complex procedures, just wrap around the limb and cleat off. The Rapid tourniquet is simple and easy-to-use, even one-handed. It is the fastest tourniquet available and can be rapidly and effectively implemented in military, law enforcement as well as civilian emergency medicine as a life-saving tool. Rapid Medical is Veteran owned and operated. To Learn more visit

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