Instructional First Aid Blanket Designed to Help Anyone Save a Person's Life

In times of crisis, a first aid kit can prove to be a literal lifesaver. While an emergency blanket is a common component of any standard set, Zhejiang University in China has taken the concept a step further with their instructional product, simply and aptly referred to as First Aid Blanket.

With step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams printed directly onto it, First Aid Blanket is designed to help amateurs administer aid during a medical emergency.  With a focus on drowning, the blanket—which dually serves as a space to place the afflicted individual—clearly explains what one should do while awaiting the paramedics, from checking his or her pulse to conducting CPR.

Breathing new life into traditional emergency protocol, First Aid Blanket aims to be both inexpensive and publicly installed, offering easy and assured access to aid.  Talk about a security blanket!


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  • How much is the first aid blanket?

  • How to get this item? This is a great product and I think every home should have a few.

    Monica Ramirez
  • How much is the first aid blanket

    Lenny back

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