My Family's Protector Part Two: Sarah

To celebrate Mother's Day this year we have decided to share some stories with you all direct from MyMedic Moms and in honor of all the moms we love we partnered with Every Mother Counts and 10% of all proceeds until the end of the day on May 12th will be given to that great organization!

"For me it's not only about being a mom, but also being the medical eyes and ears of the family.”

Sarah, Ben, Olivia and RyanI'm a mother of two. I have a crazy four year old, and a three month old baby, who fortunately is not yet mobile.

My background is in nursing. Helping people especially when they’re at their worst — has always been a passion of mine.

For me it's not only about being a mom but also about being the medical eyes and ears of the family.

I make it my duty to notice when things are not right, and spring into action whenever someone is hurt.

I remember one time when Olivia was three years old, and she fell off her scooter out on the Bonneville salt flats.  Falling on the salt flats is like falling on concrete with loads of salt going straight into the wound. Needless to say, Olivia was in A LOT of pain.

And to make things worse, we were totally unprepared and had nothing to treat her.  I felt completely ashamed. Not just because of my credentials as a registered nurse I felt that I failed her as a mom

From that moment on, I made sure to keep a first-aid kit nearby at all times.  No matter what.

About two months ago, Ben was just three weeks old and he looked terrible.  Everyone in the family was sick, and he was doing awful. It was incredibly scary watching your newborn struggle.  I watched Ben closely throughout the night, listened to his lungs, and constantly checked the oxygen saturation. I was so grateful to have the proper tools in my Medic Advanced Kit including a stethoscope, thermometer, and everything I needed to monitor him.  Especially for the things I couldn't see.

But it’s not just the kids.  As many mothers know, sometimes your husband is your child too.

Picture this. You're seven months pregnant, on "vacation" in Hawaii. Your husband suddenly calls you.  Apparently he had cut open both of his feet on razor-sharp lava rock, slicing them completely open. Once again, I sprang into action.

I irrigated the wound as best I could with makeshift supplies that I scrounged together from a local grocery store.

It was quite the scene: I was hugely pregnant, pushing my crippled husband around in a wheelchair, carrying all of our bags, and tending to our daughter.  All during our Christmas holiday. You just never know when one of your "children" is going to do something unforgettable.  I learned a valuable lesson that day again about being prepared.

I love my family to death. They are my number one priority, and I do and give everything of myself to them without hesitation. I am thankful for my skills, and especially thankful for my MyMedic supplies to help them through even their most "genius” moments.  Gotta love ‘em.

Sarah’s Kits: Medic Advanced - Green (Special cases)
The Medic in Green

The Recon Basic - Black (Everyday use)
The Recon Basic

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