MyMedic Introduces The 10 Essentials Kit; Emergency Supplies For When You Need It Most

MyMedicTM, home of the best First Aid Kits on the planet, introduces the 10 Essentials Kit. Not your typical "Bug-Out Bag" this kit contains everything you need and nothing you don't to help you safely navigate an unexpected emergency.

The 10 Essentials Kit is designed around the National Parks recommended 10 Essentials, a collection of first aid and emergency items that can help you in injuries, sudden weather changes, or unexpected delays. Keep one at home, the office, in vehicles, or take along on any camping and exploration adventure.

10 Essentials is packed with over 30 quality products to ensure you have everything you need for emergency and most survival scenarios.

Inside the fully stocked 10 Essentials Kit, you will find:

1. First Aid

2. Multi-Tool

3. Extra Water

4. Extra Food

5. Fire

6. Light Source

7. Navigation

8. Sun Protection

9. Shelter

10. Extra Clothes

The lowdown—The MyMedic 10 Essentials Kit is a comfortable-to-wear, durable, water-proof, dry-bag pack that can also perform as a flotation device in a water emergency. How many bags can transform and save your life?

Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, landslides, wildfires, hot spells, and cold spells are natural disasters that can be deadly to people and property. Man-made disasters such as terrorism, crime, power outages, famines, or war are just as terrifying as any natural disasters. Preparation is essential for the safety of life. While MyMedic hopes no one has to experience a disaster, they understand that being prepared is the best way to safely navigate emergency times. Having a 10 Essentials Kit on hand keeps you one step ahead and ready to face any challenge.

MyMedic celebrates the launch of the 10 Essentials Kit with 20% off all orders, though this offer won't last long. Visit and use code “ESSENTIAL20” to secure your 10 Essentials Kit today.

About MyMedicTM A family-operated First Aid Kits,

Supplies, and Training company based on the objective to save lives, and is driven by a goal to prepare everyone with equipment and training for the unexpected emergency. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, MyMedicTM believes everyone should have instant access to a life-saving First Aid Kit. Visit MyMedicTM to learn more and follow

For more information please contact Sara Liberte 412.400.3978 #stayalive #mymedic

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  • Possibility this might be brought back? This stays in my car 24/7 for emergencies if I am out and can’t get back home
    My Medic replied:
    Unfortunately, we don’t have plans to bring this back at this time, but maybe we will in the future! We’re glad to hear you love your kit and are staying prepared!

    Patricia Mangum

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