MyMedic Releases Their Stormproof Line Of First Aid Kits

MyMedicTM just released its brand new lineup of Stormproof First Aid Kits, which feature next-level “Stormproofing” waterproof material with welded seams and a water-resistant zipper. All of this means you can confidently take these kits on your next epic adventure and have no worries about the elements ruining your first-aid gear.

Billy Haley, Army Ranger Combat Medic, in house Medical Expert at MyMedic, had this to share about the new Stormproof kits. “These kits prepare you to handle the most common ailments, to minor and major injuries that occur when you’re out having fun on extreme adventures. The Stormproof Kit will be your go-to kit to treat yourself, your family, or others in need. Keep the Auto Medic kit in your vehicle, the Moto Medic on your motorcycle or side x side, and the Universal Stormproof kit can be the one you stash in the garage or your home. ”

The MyMedic Stormproof kits are built with modular organization, allowing each pocket and strap inside to be infinitely customized. The first-aid category icons on each pocket help you quickly find just what you need. MOLLE loops allow attachment to anything. The external loop provides a carry handle or carabiner attach point.

Each MyMedic Stormproof kit features

  • Mesh pockets to find items quickly

  • Easily identifiable, color-coded patches

  • A tourniquet to stop major bleeding

  • Ample supplies for covering minor to major injuries.

    The MyMedic Stormproof lineup includes the Moto Medic,

    Auto Medic, and the Universal Stormproof Kit.

    About MyMedicTM A family-operated first-aid kits, supplies,

    and training company based on the objective to save lives, and is driven by a goal to prepare everyone with equipment and training for the unexpected emergency. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, MyMedicTM believes everyone should have instant access to a life-

    saving first-aid kit. Visit MyMedicTM to learn more and follow @MyMedicofficial

    For more information please contact Sara Liberte 412.400.3978

    #stayalive #mymedic

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