Turf Tape Showdown - SuperSkin vs Cover-Roll

You want to be completely focused on the game when you're on the field. Worrying about whether your turf tape will protect you from turf burn will only hinder your performance. Unfortunately, the turf tapes commonly used by both pro players and little leaguers are uncomfortable, not originally designed for sports, and can even impede players' performance. That's why My Medic designed SuperSkin turf tape. Its strength, stretch, and cut are all designed to be precisely what athletes need. To demonstrate how SuperSkin is the turf tape you need for your games, I'll compare it with Cover-Roll stretch.

Adhesive Strength

When you're in the middle of a game, you don't need to worry about whether your tape will stay on the next time you tackle a running back. With SuperSkin, that's never an issue. Instead, SuperSkin sticks and stays stuck throughout your game using an innovative, advanced adhesive. Because of this, you can simply slap this bad boy on and forget about it!

On the contrary, Cover-Roll will stay on if you keep the abuse to a minimum. The adhesive itself sticks relatively well on the first application but not so well if you try to restick a pulled edge. However, the real problem is that the edges catch on everything and anything. If a single edge catches on something, the whole strip is doomed. They're so easy to snag that I had several pieces snag just during application. So unless you handle it with kid gloves, this turf tape will inevitably rip off. 

Winner: SuperSkin


football turf tape


SuperSkin features a 4-way stretch, so no matter how you move, it will move with you. Because it's made using a unique blend of materials, it maximizes flexibility and comfort while ensuring protection.

Many quarterbacks avoid wearing turf tape because it isn't stretchy and doesn't allow for a full range of motion. Unfortunately, this leaves them susceptible to turf burn, which is detrimental to their performance. Cover-Roll is made of non-woven polyester and has next to no give since polyester isn't a stretchy material. While wearing it, I hardly moved my arm since the tape pulled painfully on the skin of my upper arm, and this was while I was sitting at my desk. I can't imagine trying to repeatedly throw a ball while wearing this. 

Winner: SuperSkin


Since I didn’t have access to turf, I tested both tapes using coarse grit sandpaper. After placing them side by side on my arm, I made a couple dozen passes with the sandpaper. You could see some wear on the SuperSkin, but it stayed put, and I couldn't feel the sandpaper on my skin. While the Cover-Roll endured a decent beating, the sandpaper pulled the fibers away in bits and pieces until the sandpaper eventually broke through the tape. Even before the tape was mangled, I could feel the sandpaper through the tape, and my skin felt a bit raw. 

Winner: SuperSkin

Water & Sweat Resistance
turf tape


Both tapes didn't peel away when I submerged my hands in water and scrubbed them. One thing I did notice for both was that the adhesive loses some of its strength when completely soaked and is more easily removed that way. Also, the SuperSkin's edges could be restuck and were fine once dried out, whereas the Cover-Roll wouldn't restick at all.

Winner: SuperSkin

(Unofficial) Extra Perks 

turf tape for football

While not its intended purpose, SuperSkin is similar enough to Kinesiology tape that you could probably get away with substituting it in a pinch. 

Even though I didn't test it for fear of angering our HR rep and burning down half of Utah, you could totally use Cover-Roll to start a fire!

Winner: Tied


The Breakdown

turf tape sports


Cover-Roll may be the industry standard for pro-teams, but it lacks the necessary specifications to aid players the way it's meant to. So if you're looking for a turf tape that will have your back, look no further than SuperSkin. Burn the competition, not yourself! 

Author | Allison Lee

I'm Allison, a content writer at My Medic. My passion is empowering others with first aid knowledge and skills through my writing.

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