faq-Boat Medic

Is it fully waterproof?

Yes, our Boat Medic offers full weather protection including the event of it being fully submerged in water

How many people will this cover?

Our Boat Medic Kit will offer protection for up to 1-3 people.

Is this Kit refillable?

Yes! All our Kits can be refilled with MODs. MODs are sold separately on our website for you to always be prepared with kits ready.

Do you offer discounts for first responders?

YES! We have discounts for First Responders, Military, Medical personal, Firefighters, and Teachers https://mymedic.com/pages/discounts

What is the size and weight?

Height: 6.06 in

Width: 13.25 in

Depth: 10.18 in

Weight: 5 lbs 14 oz

How long is your shipping/fulfillment time?

See our Shipping Policy for this information. https://mymedic.outgrow.us/mymedic-74

Can I switch out the Rapid Tourniquet to a CAT?

No, we cannot switch out items in kits because it messes up inventory. However you can purchase the CAT separately.

What kit is best for me?

Take our Kit Finder quiz to see what kit would suit you best! https://mymedic.outgrow.us/mymedic-74