What is your average fulfillment and shipping time?
Fulfillment time should be 3-5 days. Shipping times can vary between 7 to 10 days.

How can I get an update on my order?
For orders that have been fulfilled, your package has left the warehouse and can be tracked by using the tracking number sent to you in your order shipment email. For orders that are unfulfilled or awaiting shipment longer than 2 weeks, contacting ouch@mymedic.com is best.

I sent my order to the wrong address, how can I change it?
If the order has yet to be fulfilled, email ouch@mymedic.com with the correct address and we can update it for you. If it has processed and shipped, you need to contact someone at that address you sent it to and work with them to receive your package. If the package is undeliverable, it will be returned to our warehouse and we can ship it out to the new address. This process can take 3 to 4 weeks.

What if my order was missing an item?
Please take pictures of what you received including the box and contact ouch@mymedic.com and we will make sure you receive the missing item.

What if I forgot to add a discount or gift card to my order?
No problem! Contact ouch@mymedic.com with the code and we can add that discount or gift card to your order.

Can I cancel my order?
If the order has not yet been fulfilled, contact ouch@mymedic.com requesting cancellation. If your order has been processed and fulfilled, ship it back to us. Once it has been received in new condition, we can issue a refund.

Tracking says my order has been delivered but I haven't received it?
Many times delivery services will mark a package as delivered and it will show up 1 to 2 weeks later. We suggest waiting to see if the package arrives within that 1 to 2 weeks. If it does not, contact ouch@mymedic.com. My Medic does not cover lost or stolen packages, but we can help put a claim through with our Route insurance provider.

Does My Medic ship internationally?
Currently we are shipping internationally on a case by case basis. Many packages have been lost when shipping internationally and right now, due to COVID delays, we do not recommend it. Contact ouch@mymedic.com for further information.

Do I have to use Route Package Protection?
Route Package Protection is optional, but we highly recommend it. My Medic does not cover lost or stolen packages. Route will insure that your package arrives and covers the cost of stolen or lost packages.

Can I order a bag with no supplies?
Bag only orders are done on a case by case basis depending on stock. Contact ouch@mymedic.com.

Are your products and first aid kits HSA/FSA approved?
Yes. Contact ouch@mymedic.com for an itemized receipt to submit to your HSA/FSA.

Where are your products made?
My Medic aims to build the best first aid kits on the planet. We seek out and find the highest quality first aid supplies and source our products from countries including the United States, Germany, Israel, Canada, China, Mexico and South Africa. All of our kits are hand assembled in Salt Lake City, UT.

What is the shelf life/expiration of your kits?
The earliest items will need to be replaced is 2 years. This will include medications, some ointments and other topical items. Bandages, gauze, etc. should be inspected and replaced when necessary and usually last up to 5 years.

Can I swap TQs in my order?
Yes. This can be done on a case by case basis. Contact ouch@mymedic.com.

Can my order be expedited?
Expedited shipping could no longer be guaranteed and has been removed due to COVID delays. We recommend staying with our free priority shipping that varies between 3 to 14 days.