2022 Gift Guide for Parents

More likely than not, you have some friends that are parents. And anyone who knows anything about kids knows that the half-pints get hurt all the time. So what would be the best gift for a tired, stressed-out parent with munchkins swirling around their ankles like insistent kittens? A first aid kit, of course! Not only will it give them peace of mind when it comes to their kids, but it will also help them keep themselves in one piece!

For the Parent on the Go


Between soccer practice, dance class, and various other extracurriculars, some parents don't have a single second where they aren't supposed to be doing something. These guys need something as versatile and ready to go as they are. That's where the Shan Tripp bandage wallet comes in. This miniature kit includes antiseptic towels, triple antibiotic ointment, and a variety of bandages so they can patch up little injuries while simultaneously trying to entertain the other kiddos. With this kit at their side, they'll still have 99 problems, but first aid won't be one of them!  


For the Big Family

gift guide for parents 2022

You know you have a big family if strangers walk up and ask how to enroll in your "daycare." It's awkward for everyone involved. But on the bright side, there are first aid kits big enough to cover your friend's walking zoo! The MyFAK Large medical kit has all the necessary equipment and is color coded for easy access. This particular kit is rugged and ready for wherever their minivan will take them.

For the Parent with Style

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We all know those parents who seem to have parenting down to an art form. Their kids are dressed in cute little matching outfits, and none of them are actively trying to run around in their birthday suits. However, even the most well-behaved kids on the planet can't avoid accidents and injuries. That means their parents need a first aid kit that fits their lifestyle. Look no further than the Shan Tripp first aid kit for kids! This kit is made of sleek faux leather with gold zipper accents. At first glance, people will think it's a purse rather than a first aid kit. This way, your friends will be more than happy to bring the kit along on their family outings!  

For the Parent with Injury Prone Kids

2022 parent gift guide

Growing up, I was one of those kids where if you looked away from me for ten seconds, I was doing something I wasn't supposed to (we don't speak about the cricket incident). If your friend's kid always seems to bonk their head or touch something they shouldn't, that's where the Ready Mini first aid kit comes in. Did the kid put their hand on the stove again? No sweat; the kit comes with a burn mod ready to go. Did they think that playing with a stapler was a good idea? Superskin bandages to the rescue! Long story short, this kit will be a lifesaver. 

Parenting is challenging, but it can be easier with the right tools. Keep the kiddos safe and the parents relatively sane by giving your friends the first aid kits that will help them prepare for whatever life (or their kid) throws at them! Want something for each parent individually? Check out our gift guides for him and her to find exactly what they need!

Author | Allison Lee

I'm Allison, a content writer at My Medic. My passion is empowering others with first aid knowledge and skills through my writing.

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