2022 Hunting Gift Guide

Hunting is a fantastic sport that can pose an interesting challenge, aid conservation efforts, and provide a delicious dinner if you’re a halfway decent cook. The problem is that you’re often in the middle of nowhere while hunting. Emergency services could be an hour or more out, reception could be spotty at best, and you may be there all alone. The best thing you can do is to make sure you and your friends are prepared for the possibility of a traumatic event while in the wilderness. This holiday season, give your buddies a gift that matters without coming off all sappy and sentimental!

For the Gearhead

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Some people want the newest and greatest of everything, especially when it comes to their outdoor gear. They need a bit more than the essentials to keep them going. That’s where the TFAK comes in. This trauma first aid kit includes the bare-bones basics that will save their life in an emergency and various other equipment that will aid various minor injuries. With this kit, you’ll satisfy their curiosity and need for the best equipment around!

2022 hunting gift guide

For the Minimalist

Many hunters try to keep their gear as light as possible so it’s easier to pack through the wilderness. If your hunting buddy prefers to keep the gear they carry to a minimum, the Everyday Carry first aid kit is the perfect addition to their pack! This kit only includes the essentials, is small and lightweight, and is weatherproof to boot. With the Everyday Carry at their side, you can rest easy while your friend chases their next big catch.  

For the Rugged Adventurer

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What can I say? Some people are simply badasses that can take nature head-on! However, that extra dose of awesomeness comes with increased risks. No matter how tough someone is, it’s impossible to fully escape all harm. Help keep your amigo kicking with a first aid kit as epic and reliable as they are! With the MyFAK first aid kit, they’ll be prepared to keep themselves safe for whatever wild adventure they find themselves on. As an extra perk, it comes with the Stay Alive Guide, just in case they wander into uncharted territory.

For the Wild One

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Spending days on end in the wilderness is a passion for many hunters. If your friend tends to go off the grid for days at a time, the 20L survival kit may be an excellent addition to their supplies. When you’re out of contact for that long in the middle of nowhere, it can be deadly if you get lost or injured. With the 20L by their side, they’ll have the first aid equipment and survival gear necessary to help them return to civilization in one piece. Besides, do you really know what they’re doing out there? If you suspect that they venture into the unknown to get their thrills, it’s just another reason they need a survival kit! And if they just so happen to ‘fall’ from a waterfall, the 20L is inflatable, so you have one less thing to worry about!

Even though hunting can be dangerous, with the right equipment on hand, you can roll out knowing you’re prepared for any possible injuries. This holiday season, let your buddies know you care about their well-being with a kit tailored to their needs. And while you’re at it, you might as well treat yourself for being the best gift-giver of all time and snag yourself a kit too!

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