2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Whether it snuck up on you out of nowhere or you’ve been singing Christmas songs since July, you can’t deny that the holiday season is finally here! This means it’s time to start picking out gifts for all the people you love, so you aren’t scrambling for last-minute gifts and end up giving dad socks for the third time in a row (no judgment, I’m sure he loves them!). The problem is people can be terribly hard to shop for. If you struggle with finding the perfect gift, never fear! The My Medic holiday gift guide is here! What better way to say I love you than with a first aid kit that will keep them around longer?

For the Protector

2022 holiday gift guides

When you’re in charge of keeping multiple people safe, it’s best to have enough medical supplies to cover everyone. With the Medic, you’ll be prepared for just about any injury under the sun! If somebody messed around with their pocket knife and sliced open their arm, no sweat. The
Medic portable medical kit includes staples, sutures, and ZZIPS. Someone turned into a Monty Python character and lost an arm (or two)? Slap a tourniquet on them! Did the two bros execute a high-five so epic it injured both of their arms? No problem! Four sprain and fracture mods and two splints are included, so you’ll have leftover supplies for the rest of the group. All in all, if your buddy needs to be ready for anything, the Medic’s got them covered.

For the Fashion-Forward Friend
holiday gift guide for 2022

We all have that friend we go to for fashion advice. Their style is iconic, and they deserve something as glamorous as they are. In that case, look no further than the Shan Tripp first aid kit! Between its faux leather exterior and gold accents, this kit looks sleek and sophisticated while containing everything you need for daily injuries. And to make a good thing better, a percentage of your purchase goes towards Mothers Without Borders to help those in need!

For the Youngsters in Your Life
2022 holiday gift guide

No, I’m not calling you old. However, teens will have no problem saying you’re ancient to your face, even if the age difference is only a couple years. Setting aside any possible bratty attitudes, it’s important that teens have access to a first aid kit, especially in their cars. Even if they’re the safest driver on the planet, that doesn’t mean they’ll never get in an accident or come across others needing medical assistance. With the Prevention first aid kit, you can ensure they’re prepared for both minor and major injuries. As an extra plus, the case is water-resistant, which means it’s easy to clean up no matter what they spill on it.

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For the Dog Lover

While your furry friend may seem impervious, your pet can get injured just as easily as you can. Because of this, you should give your animal-loving associates a Pet Medic. This pet first aid kit includes the basic equipment you need to care for your furry friends, including a digital pet first aid guide, so you know exactly what to do to keep your doggo frolicking without a care in the world.

For the Totally Not Stressed Out Parent
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Parenthood is one of the greatest joys in life (so I’ve been told, but they’ve got a few too many gray hairs to be believable). Whether you agree or not, kids get hurt a lot. With the Ready Everyday first aid kit, they’ll have at least some peace of mind knowing they have all the necessary gear to keep their kids in one piece. From blisters and bleeding to sprains and splinters, this kit has the tools to treat just about every minor injury under the sun. It also comes with a handy survival guide, so you’re prepared for emergency situations (don’t worry, it doesn’t recommend solely saving your favorite child).

By following this holiday gift guide, you’ll be able to kiss 2022 goodbye knowing that you and your friends are prepared to keep themselves safe throughout the new year! Just don’t jinx us with another global pandemic. No matter how prepared you are, nobody wants to deal with that. Need gift ideas for the hunters in your life? Read our gift guide for men and outdoorsman gift guide next! Happy holidays and stay safe out there! 

Author | Allison Lee

I'm Allison, a content writer at My Medic. My passion is empowering others with first aid knowledge and skills through my writing.

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