5 Gifts to Keep the Nature Lovers in Your Life Safe

It’s that time of year again! With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the important (and mostly tolerable) people in your life! Whether you need a gift for a loved one or a present for a coworker, we have exactly the gear every outdoors enthusiast would be thrilled to receive! If you want to become their favorite person, read on!

For the Hiker

These people enjoy a nice break in the mountains every now and then. If they just so happen to get lost along the way and wander for a couple extra hours, so be it! They’re adaptable, easygoing, and love every minute spent outside. If this sounds like your friend, then they need a Hiker Medic! With this hiking first aid kit by their side, they’ll be ready for the common injuries, annoyances, and basic emergencies that can come with being an avid hiker.

For the Dog Lover

Dogs love the outdoors; people love the outdoors. It’s a match made in heaven! Dogs are a fantastic companion for when you want to get outside, and many people are already enjoying doing so! If you know someone who regularly takes their fuzzy friend out to explore a trail with them, they need the Pet Medic! Between the digital manual, first aid supplies, and emergency slip leash found in this pet first aid kit, they’ll be well-prepared to keep their pets safe!

First Aid Pouch

For the Adventurer

Whether it’s trekking through a forest or climbing a mountain, the adventurers in your life are always looking forward to their next astonishing exploit. Since they’re interested in seeing the sights and covering as much ground as possible, they want to keep their pack as light as possible. So, what’s the best gift you could give them? A Sidekick Pro, of course! Weighing less than a pound and containing both everyday and life-saving gear, this IFAK pouch is the perfect thing for every adventure! 

For the Hardcore Outdoorsman

Roughing it in the woods, going off the grid on multi-day (or week) trips, or doing some of the craziest outdoor escapades you’ve ever heard of is common for this friend. You never know what astonishing story they're going to tell you the next time you meet up, and some of their stories might just worry you. If this sounds like someone in your life, they need a MyFAK Mini Pro before they take off again! As amazing as nature is, it can be just as dangerous. This is especially true for those who enjoy traveling in remote areas or partake in death-defying activities. With this kit by their side, you can be sure they’ll be back to tell you more harrowing tales! 

For Both Enthusiastic Explorers & Casual Walkers

Seasoned outdoorsmen and newbies alike often forget the most common injuries that occur out in nature: blisters and cuts. And let’s face it, your basic bandages and blister tape from the drugstore aren’t made to stand up against a trek through the outdoors. The good news is, there’s a better option! SuperSkin bandages and blister strips are formulated to stick for days, stretch however you do, and be comfortable the entire time you wear it. Don’t let the people you care about suffer with subpar supplies and give them a pack of SuperSkin!

Enjoying nature is something everyone should do once in a while. Being safe in it is something everybody should do every single time. Don’t let your loved ones regret not being prepared by giving them a gift they’ll truly appreciate from My Medic! Need more help choosing a gift? Read our gift guide for anglers or browse our website. We’d highly recommend browsing a bit so you know what phenomenal Black Friday deals we’re running! 

Author | Allison Lee

I'm Allison, a content writer at My Medic. My passion is empowering others with first aid knowledge and skills through my writing.

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  • You might want to consider a backpack for a service dog to carry.
    My Medic replied:
    You can attach our kits to just about anything MOLLE-compatible, including service vests! We’d recommend a Sidekick, EDC, or TFAK so the kit won’t be too heavy or big for your service dog.

    Dee Ann Barton

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