Young Girl Undergoes Open Heart Surgery After Not Receiving Adequate First-Aid

The parents of young girl who had to undergo open heart surgery after scraping her knee have called for better first aid in schools.

Abbi Holland was left with a serious heart condition after what her parents say was a lack of basic first aid at her school when her simple cut became infected.

Abbi, then aged three, fell over in the school playground and scraped her knee.

But her parents say her graze wasn't cleaned properly or covered with a plaster, and she was just told to wipe it down with a wet paper towel.

Abbi and her mum Caz

Later that night, the youngster became severely unwell, her temperature soared to 43c and she was rushed to hospital where she spent the next four months, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Last month Abbi, now seven, who lives in Blackley, underwent open heart surgery to repair the damaged valve caused by an infection from the uncleaned cut.

Abbi Holland in hospital after scraping her knee turned into a serious health issue

Abbi during her health scare

Thankfully, she is recovering well at home, but will be on medication for the rest of her life, and will require further operations on her heart in the future.

Mum Caz, 37, and dad Dave, 43, have since launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of basic first aid to make sure no child, or adult, ends up having to go through what Abbi has been through.

Dave said: “You just don’t think this could happen as a result of a fall in a playground.

Abbi Holland playing dress ups in hospital

“It’s an eye opener, that something so small and simple could be life changing.”

He explained that Abbi was treated in 2013 at North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH).

But she was transferred to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for scans which revealed the infection from the cut had caused her aortic valve to leak.

Eventually she was stabilized and moved to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool where her parents were told that one day she would need surgery to repair the damage that had been done.

Last year, scans found another leak in Abbi’s heart, and she went under the knife on January 16.

Dave added: “To be told that they are going to have to stop your little girl’s heart and there’s no guarantee they will be able to start it again is terrifying.

“Then to hear that if they did manage to there was a chance she could be brain damaged – well you wouldn’t wish that on your worst enemy.

“We are not trying to bad mouth or blacklist anyone, we just want to promote basic first aid and get the message out about how important it is.

Abbi Holland

“It’s not over for her yet, this has changed her life forever and she’s going to need more surgery when she’s older.”

The family, who have four other children, are also hoping to raise money for NMGH to buy new toys for the children’s ward that cared for Abbi.


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