Getting killed sucks... but getting killed by a bear is the suckiest - Bears are making a comeback across North America, and here's what you need to know if you cross paths with one...

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Traveling salesmen and pharmacies packed with colorful bottles claimed to have all the medical cures for what ailed you in the 19th century, although the contents of their remedies were more likely to be opiates or snake oil than any scientifically sound healing...

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San Diego Police Officer Wade Irwin, who was shot in the neck last month during a shootout that left his partner dead...

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When Dr. Terry R. Sullivan volunteered for a two-week stint as a surgeon at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center - the military hospital U.S. soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan are brought to before returning to the States - he saw it as "a small way to serve the country and provide a service that was lacking."