The most important thing you can do after you buy a First Aid Kit is to...

If a wound needs stitching, the inner strands of a paracord can be used...

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 XSTAT was developed for the military but the FDA says First Responders can now use the device to treat adults and teens in the general population who are experiencing life-threatening and severe hemorrhagic shock. Approved last year for battlefield use, the device can plug a gunshot wound in just 15 seconds.

I stood in the Emergency Room, it was morning and a preschool aged child was walking toward the front door with her parents...

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It may seem odd, or even silly, but finding your business and product have made me a bit emotional this morning...

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I saw one of the rockets slide right under my truck and explode. I ran...
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The BugOut Run... Exciting new adventure race!

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First-Aid Kits really come in handy when you get shot with a firework!

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