Shan Tripp First Aid Kit

140+ First Aid Essentials

Everything you could ever need for an injury at home

Stylish Design

Premium faux leather with polished gold trim & convenient carry handle

Quick & Easy Access

Color-coded design ensures quick access during any emergency

Hidden Lockable Pocket

Lockable pocket allows for storage of medications or other valuables

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Shan Tripp First Aid Kit

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Dusty Rose



Lifetime Guarantee

Rest assured knowing your purchase is guaranteed for life

HSA/FSA Approved

Purchase this kit with your HSA or FSA account

Education Included

Free mini first aid courses included

Buy Now, Pay Later

Pay over time in 4 easy payments

What's Inside?

Packed full of first aid supplies to help you treat common ailments and care for your family!

Exclusive Med Packs

Inside the kit you’ll find my customized Med Packs to care for specific injuries. Each Med Pack empowers you to quickly and effectively help your injured child.

World's Best Bandages

Hands down, my favorite bandages! With 4-Way stretch technology, incredibly strong adhesive, and an aloe-infused pad, they are incredibly comfortable, flexible and protective.

Goodbye Stitches!

Avoid the ER with Zzips advanced wound closure. These amazing strips offer pain-free application and minimize scarring.

Free Education Included

Unlike any other First Aid Kit on the market, this Kit also includes free education. Scan the inserted QR code, and I’ll walk you through exactly how to help your kids.

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Free Education Included

What They're Saying

"Finally a first aid kit that speaks my language! The video tutorials when you scan QR codes on each product included give me peace of mind knowing I have this information at my fingertips. Not to mention, the aesthetics are incredible and the bag's design makes it so easy to stay organized. This feels like a first aid kit finally made it to 2022!"

Myriam Sandler


"As a nurse, mom, and wife to a pediatrician, I believe this first aid kit needs to be in every home. Not only does it have the supplies you need for any accident, but it has the education that teaches you how to effectively use each product! It is organized and easy to use in an emergency. The peace of mind for parents is worth every penny!"

Cara Dumaplin


"This medical kit belongs in every home! As a pediatric nurse and mother of three, I know firsthand there is nothing more empowering than having confidence and knowledge of what to do when emergencies come up. I’ve been looking for a medical kit just like this and I’m so glad it’s here! It is something I’ll be recommending to every caregiver I know! "

Meg Miles


Mothers Without Borders