2022 Gift Guide for Hikers

Hiking is a beloved pastime for millions of people in the US alone and far more globally. It’s an excellent activity for mental and physical health and is a splendid way to get outside and explore the world around us. However, it’s not uncommon to encounter falls, scrapes, blisters, bites, allergies, sunburns, and a myriad of other possible hindrances. If someone you love (or generally tolerate, such as your brother) is an avid hiker, you should give them a gift that aids in their outdoor adventures this holiday season. 

For the Wanderer

hiker gift guide

Whether they amble along or run ahead chattering excitedly about the next overlook, hiking is how they get their exercise and get outside. Usually, their hikes are marked trails that don’t encounter anything too crazy. Because their hikes are generally simple, they don’t want to lug a bunch of stuff with them. Because of this, the Hiker Medic is the perfect trail companion for them! This small, lightweight hiking first aid kit will keep them ready for whatever little inconveniences they encounter while enjoying nature. 

For the Trailblazer

hiking gift guide

These fellows like to forge their own path, even if there’s an easier path available. It’s all about the journey, after all! But, unfortunately, you can run into any number of problems while traipsing through the untouched parts of the wilderness. That’s where the Sidekick comes in. This handy dandy first aid pouch is small yet easily portable with its mounting and carrying straps. Not to mention, if you’re worried your friend will wander off and get hopelessly lost in the outback, the Sidekick comes with a copy of the Stay Alive Guide so they’ll be able to stumble back into your life with all their crazy hiking stories (kudos to you if you can tell which ones are exaggerated because I sure can’t. To this day, I still don’t know if my cousin actually stuck his head in a fox den or not)!

For the Full-On Adventurer

gift guide for hikers

Some people see hiking as a hobby or simple pastime. For others, hiking is a source of adventure and practically a way of life. Backpacking for days on end, hiking up dangerous mountains, and going off the grid are just a few of the things these wild people indulge in. But, whether they do it for the thrill, feeling of freedom, or exploration opportunities, they need to be safe while doing it. This year, give them a gift they’ll appreciate (and may also save their life) while in the middle of nowhere. With the MyFAK Mini first aid kit by their side, they’ll be prepared for whatever Mother Nature chucks at them (unless it’s a meteorite. We can’t really help there).

No matter how your friend likes to hike, we have a first aid kit that will fit their style! So make sure your friend stays safe out there and prepared for everything from a simple blister to a life-threatening emergency. And while you’re being the best friend and gift giver out there (hey, there’s nothing wrong with putting everyone else to shame), grab yourself a little life-saving first aid kit while you’re at it. You can’t brag about being the best gift-giver of all time if you aren’t around!

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Author | Allison Lee

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