Maybe I'm The Weird One...?

It's 5:20 p.m. and I'm late. Having worked all day indoors, the invitation to go mountain biking that evening was too good to pass up. The rushed drive home, frantic search for knee pads and comically disastrous dictated texts to SIRI are all benchmarks of these types of adventures. Managing to get everything together, remember the battery to the camera and even fill a water bottle, I am feeling pretty good about my situation. Albeit, still 20 minutes late so with that... I fly out the door. 

Preston Gallacher - MyMedic - First Aid Kit


I’ll be honest, running out of my house, hands full of gear, the last thing on my mind is grabbing a first aid kit. There are a lot of things on the check list and first aid falls low on it. Whether it is mountain biking, backcountry skiing, or climbing that day, it would probably be smart to have one if something did happen but a bulky, practically useless, box of bandaids and a thermometer wouldn’t help anyway. That is the problem, I am not Bear Grylls trying to live off the land and if bringing that extra Clif Bar takes up too much space, a bunch of band-aids are not going to make the cut.  

Solo First Aid Kit - MyMedic - First Aid

Rule #1 Always Look Cool.

Then MyMedic came along and decided to make first aid kits cool. Their recent endeavor called the SOLO is everything old first aid kits lacked. It is tiny in all the right ways; crushproof, waterproof and extremely light weight. The SOLO is ultra-slim and slips into everything so far without displacing my other gear. It is hyper-focused on outdoor and adventure related activities and because of that, it's useful. I mean seriously useful! For instance, if your climbing partner splits her knee open while rock climbing there are 3 different ways you can stop the bleeding. Go over the handle bars and break your collar bone? It has paracord for a sling. Forget sunscreen at the bike park? It has you covered. In fact the more I take it with me, the more ways I find to use it and begin to realize something. This little first aid kit has become another part of my gear and I would feel remiss if I forgot it on the next adventure, which is pretty cool. 

Preston Gallacher - MyMedic - First Aid Kit


Written by Preston Gallacher; a MyMedic Ambassador 

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