My Family's Protector Part 4: Emily

To celebrate Mother's Day this year we have decided to share some stories with you all direct from MyMedic Moms and in honor of all the moms we love we partnered with Every Mother Counts and 10% of all proceeds until the end of the day on May 12th will be given to that great organization!

"Rather than wondering “what if” and hoping nothing happens, I can be totally present.  Having that freed up emotion, energy, and time is priceless."

Emily & FamilyI have one and a half kids: Porter is 3 1/2 and he is just as wild as a little boy can get.  And I’m currently eight months pregnant with our second boy.

Even though Porter is not even 4 years old, we’ve had plenty of moments where our first-aid kit has saved his life.

This past Thanksgiving, we were all in Houston at my brother’s house. Porter was playing with his three year old cousin Laura.  Totally normal. They were both running around, playing ring around the rosey around the coffee table, and suddenly Porter tripped and BAM - he loudly smacked the back of his head on the table. Immediately blood began gushing from his head.

I ran to my car and grabbed the first aid kit with the skin stapler.

After we calmed Porter down, we were able to staple his head shut.  I pray that no mother ever has to do this, and am so grateful we had the supplies and were able to immediately care to him.  It ended up healing perfectly without a scar.

Another time, we were all sitting at home and Porter was watching a movie.  What can go wrong, right? Well, he was sitting on his rocking chair, rocking back and forth, when he decided to roughly get off the chair as only a little boy can.  He launched himself from the chair, totally unaware of his surroundings. He ended up splitting his nose open on the corner of the bed.

Shocking, but not totally unexpected.  We were prepared.

After some blood, tears, and lots of kisses, we grabbed the skin glue from our Recon kit and glued that sucker shut.

If I didn't have first-aid readily available, not only would I have to make frequent trips to the emergency room, but I wouldn’t feel like my kids were safe and protected.  I’ve learned that accidents can and will happen anytime, anywhere.  I am just so grateful that we have kits in our home, and in our cars.

And honestly, having a first-aid kit makes one less thing you have to worry about as a mom.  Rather than wondering “what if” and hoping nothing happens, I can be totally present with my child.  I can teach Porter to be calm when things happen. Having that freed up emotion, energy, and time as a mother is priceless.

I love my family so much.   They are my #1 priority and I would do anything to keep them safe.

Whether it is my children, my husband, or my dogs, no matter what I always want the best care for them, and I always want them to be protected.

Emily’s Kits: Recon Advanced - Green (Home)

MyFAK Advanced - Orange (Car)

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