My Family's Protector Part One: Martha

To celebrate Mother's Day this year we have decided to share some stories with you all direct from MyMedic Moms and in honor of all the moms we love we partnered with Every Mother Counts and 10% of all proceeds until the end of the day on May 12th will be given to that great organization!


"Having a first aid kit has given me a new peace of mind that every mother deserves."

Spencer (9) and Porter (6)

I have two young boys, and they are very wild as young boys are. They like to jump off things, stuff random (non-food) items in their mouth...and for whatever reason, they have a blast doing it.

You never know when they or their friends will fall off the slide, trip on the sidewalk, gash up their knee, or find some impossible way to get hurt.  In a house with active boys, there is a tiny emergency about once every hour. Having a complete first-aid kit has been absolutely crucial.

It's always nice to have some gauze and band-aids around, and cold packs go a very long way.  The MyFAK kit goes on my stroller, my bicycle, in my car and even straps to my chair when I sit at soccer games.Spencer & Porter

I'm ready to use it on my own kids, every kid at the park, and even the occasional parent who support their kids at risk of their own physical injury. (Those playground swings are not made for adults!)

Not many other mothers carry first aid kits, and so it gives me (and other moms) that peace of mind knowing that I’m always ready.

I've saved my kids’ lives on more than one occasion by being CPR and first aid certified, but the thing that I use the first aid kit for the most as a mother... is stepping on legos.  Seriously! This requires a staple gun sometimes, when your kid has put his full weight on the lego...not to mention the 10 times per day that I step on them myself!  

We love going on adventures together — riding our bikes, going swimming, reading, watching movies, painting and hiking.  We love to go on a hike together and then come home and paint what we saw on our hikes!

My family means everything to me. I was very fortunate to get the two kids that I have, seeing that I lost two as babies (miscarriage) that I never got to meet and hold dear. I hold them very, very dear to me.

With my MyFAK first-aid kit, I have the confidence to let them have fun and be the wild boys that they love to be. 

Martha’s Kit: MyFAK Advanced - Red

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