Shark Attack First Aid

As you know, the MyMedic team are big fans of sharks... shark week, shark print underwear, and well.... Sharknado. Not only that, a few of us are avid surfers so this is a great piece of information from the guys at GrindTV - enjoi.

"Back in October, surfer Joseph Tanner instructed several other surfers on what to do to help him after he was attacked by a shark at Indian Beach in Oregon. Tanner, a trauma nurse, essentially gave them the first aid directions.

While Tanner ended up being able to keep his leg, the attack response was of no hinderance to his eventual recovery. But other shark attack victims are not so lucky.

So Terra Australis, a crew of divers out of Australia, have put together a public service announcement video that aims to instruct on the proper techniques of how to handle a shark attack victim.

mymedic - shark attack - first aid - shark attack first aid

They go over how to apply first aid to the victim in the water, onshore and how to prepare for them for the arrival of the paramedics when they arrive. As Terra Australis says in the video description:

“The theory and information in this video has been endorsed by paramedics that have attended shark attack incidents in Western Australia and we have tried to re-enact this first aid situation to best give viewers a visual representation on how to respond. We are not trying to replace a first aid course, but simply build on your knowledge and provide an insight into what can be done in that situation.”

"Having a shark attack first aid kit readily available is also a great idea. You could even keep it in your car inside a dry bag. It should include items like a tourniquet, a pressure bandage, a large absorbent pad and a thermal blanket.

shark attack instagram - first aid - first aid kit

While there is never a sure answer for fluid situations like shark attacks, arming yourself with this sort of knowledge could save time and lives if you ever find yourself in this scenario. It’s solid information that all surfers should make themselves aware of, but hopefully stuff we as surfers will never have to put into action."


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