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Black Widow Spider Bites and What You Need To Know!

Black widows typically have some sort of red marking on their abdomens, but not always. The marking is usually shaped like an hourglass. These spiders live under eaves and around undisturbed debris, woodpiles, porch furniture, barns, sheds and outhouses.

Being Prepared Is Commonly Confused With Buying Stuff (and that's only half of the solution)

I saw one of the rockets slide right under my truck and explode. I ran...

The BugOut Run... Get Buggin'

  The BugOut Run... Exciting new adventure race!

100th Twitter Follower

We checked the Twitter feed today to find out that we had our 100th Twitter Follower after only being active on Twitter for a few weeks. Granted there are companies out there like Outside MagazinePatagonia or REI and blogs like HughVail that get thousands of followers a month but we're stoked as a small company to be at 100! 

Firework First-Aid

First-Aid Kits really come in handy when you get shot with a firework!

A Guide to First Aid for Dog Owners: What to do when your No. 1 bud goes down in the field...

Even adventure dogs slip up sometimes, and canine first aid isn't exactly common knowledge. Here’s how to respond to five injuries—and how to keep your furry wingman safe down the road.



4th of July and Blowing Stuff Up!

Now, it's the 4th of July so stop screwing around on the internet and let's go eat too much and blow stuff up!