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This waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof first aid kit is equipped with life-saving supplies for any environment. Whether in the desert, on the boat, or in the mud, your gear will stay protected from the elements. 

Product Highlights:

  • Sink Proof, Crush Proof, Dust Proof
  • Hand-picked supplies by first responders and medical professionals
  • Over 140 quality first aid and trauma supplies
  • HSA/FSA Approved
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    View what's inside guide for kit contents.

    *Kit contents may be slightly modified with similar items due to stock shortages

    ⚠WARNING: Reproductive Harm -


    Height: 10.5 in

    Width: 12 in

    Depth: 6 in

    Weight: 5 lbs 5.8 oz

    Like all my other My Medic purchases, this one is outstanding. It has everything needed for our boat and it’s easy and simple to utilize." -Ian D.

    sport & outdoor
    sprain & fracture
    tools & devices

     Triangular Bandage

    Used as an arm sling, cover for head dressing, binding for splint or as a tourniquet.

     2" Elastic Bandage

    Puts pressure on the tissue around an injury to decrease pain and swelling.

     Super Wash

    Saline wash for irrigating wounds or eyes

     Small Cold Pack

    Rapidly activated, disposable chemical ice pack used to relieve pain and reduce swelling

     2 Pairs of Gloves

    2 disposable pairs of gloves

     Space Blanket

    Thermal insulation blanket designed to reflect 90% of body heat

     Gauze MOD

    MOD Contains:
    - 2 3x4 Non-Adherent Pad
    - 3 2x2 Non-Adherent Pad
    - 3 2x2 Gauze Pad
    - 2 4x4 Gauze Pad
    - 1 2 Gauze Roll
    - 1 3 Gauze Roll

     Burn MOD

    MOD Contains:
    - 4 Burn Gel Packets
    - 1 4x4 Burnshield

     Medication MOD

    MOD Contains:
    - 4 Ibuprofen
    - 2 APAP
    - 2 Aspirin
    - 2 Diotame
    - 2 Dramamine
    - 2 Diphen
    - 2 Diamode
    - 2 Cold & Flu Meds

     Clean & Prep MOD

    MOD Contains:
    - 4 Antiseptic Wipes
    - 4 Hand Sanitizer
    - Iodine Prep Pad

     Treatment & Relief MOD

    MOD Contains:
    - 3 Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets
    - 2 Lip Balm Packets
    - 2 Sunscreen Packets
    - 2 Sting Relief Wipes
    - 1 White Petrolatum Packet
    - 2 Hydrocortisone Packets
    - 2 Oral Pain Relief Packets
    - 1 Ammonia Towelette
    - 1 Friction Frosting (Chamois Butter)

     Superskin Bandage Assorted Pack

    Assorted Pack Contains:
    - 6 1x3 SuperSkin Bandages
    - 3 2x4 SuperSkin Bandages
    - 3 Fingertip SuperSkin Bandages

     1 Pack of 2 Chest Seals

    Treats penetrating injuries to the chest with one-way valve to prevent pneumothorax

     CPR Shield

    Creates barrier to prevent transmission of disease when performing CPR

     Blister MOD

    MOD Contains:
    - 3 Pieces of SuperSkin Blister Strips

     Hydration MOD

    MOD Contains:
    - 2 KoKos Hydration Packets
    - 2 Water Purification Tablets

     Mini Sprain & Fracture MOD

    MOD contains:
    - Finger Splint
    - Sensi wrap 1" x 15'

     Light Stick

    Glow in the dark stick, illuminating up to 30 hours. Single use only

     25' Paracord

    Lightweight cord used for general utility

     RATS Tourniquet

    Easy use tourniquet to stop arterial bleeding

     Compressed Gauze

    Vacuum-sealed gauze to treat serious bleeding.

     Tool MOD

    MOD Contains:
    - 1 Penlight
    - 1 Tweezer
    - 1 Thermometer
    - 5 Thermometer Sheaths
    - 1 Whistle

     Mini Wound Closure MOD

    MOD Contains:
    - 1 Pack of 3 Secure Strips
    - 1 Tube of Liquid Skin

     ZZIPS 2-Pack

    Pack Contains:
    - 2 ZZIPS Devices
    - 1 Instruction for Use

     Large EMT Shears

    Scissors used to quickly and safely cut clothing from injured people. 7.5"

     Cloth Tape 1"x30'

    Gentle, breathable adhesive tape

     QuikClot Pack

    Hemostatic dressing to control traumatic bleeding

     NPA 28 Med Pack

    Med Pack Contains:
    - 1 NPA 28
    - 1 Dynalube Packet
    - 1 Pair of Gloves
    - 1 Super Hand Wipe

     NPA 20 Med Pack

    Med Pack Contains:
    - 1 NPA 20
    - 1 Dynalube Packet
    - 1 Pair of Gloves
    - 1 Super Hand Wipe


    Built-in pressure valve keeps air equalized for maximum buoyancy.


    Protective water-tight seal keeps your supplies dry.


    Built with heavy-duty and high-quality materials for extra strength and grip.


    Engineered for no accidental openings. We’ve also included eyelets for added security.

    My Medic Boat First Aid case also features a pressure valve for best waterproofness


    Our most durable first aid kit is designed for adventures on and off the water.


    10.5 in


    12 in


    6 in


    5 lbs 5.8 oz


    universal specialty

    Group Size

    1 2+ 5+ 8+


    dry dirty muddy light rain

    Q: Is it fully waterproof?

    Yes, our Boat Medic offers full weather protection including the event of it being fully submerged in water

    Q: How many people will this cover?

    Our Boat Medic Kit will offer protection for up to 1-3 people.

    Q: Is this Kit refillable?

    Yes! All our Kits can be refilled with MODs. MODs are sold separately on our website for you to always be prepared with kits ready.

    Q: Do you offer discounts for first responders?

    YES! We have discounts for First Responders, Military, Medical personal, Firefighters, and Teachers

    Q: What is the size and weight?

    Height: 6.06 in

    Width: 13.25 in

    Depth: 10.18 in

    Weight: 5 lbs 14 oz

    Q: How long is your shipping/fulfillment time?

    See our Shipping Policy for this information.

    Q: Can I switch out the Rapid Tourniquet to a CAT?

    No, we cannot switch out items in kits because it messes up inventory. However you can purchase the CAT separately.

    Q: What kit is best for me?

    Take our Kit Finder quiz to see what kit would suit you best!

    4" x 36" Emergency Pressure Bandage

    Compact trauma dressing to treat serious bleeding

     1"x3" SuperSkin Bandage 30 pack

    Pack Contains:
    - 30 1"x3" Assorted Color SuperSkin Bandages