2022 Cycle Gift Guide

Cycling is a popular activity for people of all ages, but it’s not without its dangers. If your friend is an avid cyclist, you’ve probably heard a few of their gnarly biking stories. I, for one, had an ex who somehow ramped his bike into a pond on a “beginner” trail. My dad snapped his bike in half and risked impaling himself on the pieces if he landed wrong. Long story short, cycling is thrilling, but even the most cautious riders are at risk. And this isn’t limited to off-roaders and athletes. Biking can be just as dangerous on sidewalks and peaceful lakeside bike paths. If hearing your friends’ biking stories makes you fear for their safety, you should give them a first aid kit this holiday season!

For the Cruiser

These guys like to go with the flow and bike to relax. They’re here for the scenery and whatever health benefits the media is raving about these days. Despite the easygoing nature of their ride, they should still be prepared for unforeseen hiccups in their ride. That’s where the Cycle Super Lite Med Pack comes in. This mini kit covers blisters, cramps, chafing, cuts, and scrapes. Don’t let their downtime end in tragedy!

The Recreational Rider

2022 cycle gift guide

For some people, biking is one of their preferred activities, and they indulge in it a bit more often than cruisers. These heart-happy fellows often try to find their limits and beat their previous mile times. However, they need more supplies for their adventures, just in case. The Biker Med Pack is the perfect holiday gift for them! They can simply throw it in their backpack and keep on rolling. 

The Regular

gift guide for cyclers 2022

Whether they’re an athlete or an extremely enthusiastic rider, they cycle on the daily and are excited for new challenges and adventures. This could be the next big race or another (possibly dangerous) mountain trail. It’s practically a way of life for them. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you know these guys need the best first aid kits in case they careen off a cliff. With the Cycle Medic bicycle first aid kit, your cycle addict will have the top-of-the-line gear they need to keep them prepared while not worrying about packing it around. This kit straps straight to their bike, is waterproof, and extremely lightweight so it can go anywhere they do!

The Social Cycler

cycle gift guide

Cycling can be an enjoyable group activity for families and friends. There’s a reason biking clubs exist! However, the whole group is at risk if one person goes down. Whether a single person gets injured or you end up with a dog pile of bikes and bikers in the middle of the road, our IFAK Medical Kit contains something for every injury and has enough supplies for several people. And to make a good thing better, the convenient carrying strap makes it easy to take this kit anywhere. Make sure your friend can take care of themselves and their riding buddies while they’re out by giving them this kit!  

Just because something’s potentially dangerous, people aren’t going to stop living their lives. So keep your friends safe and in one piece when the new year arrives by giving them a gift that shows you care. Have an outdoorsy friend who isn't into cycling? Take a look at our gift guides for hunters, hikers, and outdoorsmen!

Author | Allison Lee

I'm Allison, a content writer at My Medic. My passion is empowering others with first aid knowledge and skills through my writing.

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