The PenBlade® Safety Scalpel has a retractable blade that activates like a click pen and retracts with a simple press of a button. The "Pen-Style" activation is intuitive because it uses existing muscle memory. The release button is positioned near the front of the scalpel where it can be pressed without looking or repositioning the hand. The result is a safety scalpel that doctors and nurses actually like using.

PenBlade, Inc. has created a novel safety scalpel that is intuitive, ergonomic, and rigid. PenBlade is a safety scalpel with unique advantages:

[1] The blade extension mechanism uses existing muscle memory (that of a click pen) as opposed to a sheath-sliding motion (commonly used in safety scalpels), increasing intuitiveness and reducing chance of injury – single-hand use is easy.

[2] The device has an integrated groove for trimming sutures and PICCs, which eliminates chance of injury during this step (the blade is retracted when using the groove). For most kit-based suture procedures, safe suture cutting eliminates an additional blade exposure.

[3] Making the device safe after use does not require repositioning the hand (the blade retraction button is on the front of the device), which increases probability of blade retraction. The motion required to make the device safe is minimized.

[4] To our knowledge, PenBlade is the only safety scalpel that provides an option for semi passive blade retraction (hold down the button while cutting, and the blade automatically retracts when released), ensuring blade is retracted when finished.

[5] PenBlade has a human-factor-engineered design that dramatically improves rigidity and ergonomics (flimsiness has been a common complaint with other safety scalpels, leading to them not being used at all).

[6] PenBlade helps to mitigate the common low-weight complaint by offering a weight that is 50% heavier than the industry-leading plastic safety scalpel.

[7] This device uses a high-quality British stainless steel blade. Users have reported improved sharpness and durability compared to the leading safety scalpel currently on the market. Improved sharpness and durability mean less pressure is needed to cut, improving control and reducing chance of injury.



+ Retractable stainless steel blade - optimized precision ground

+ Pen-like function with intuitive handling, easy and simple

+ Built-in slot for safely separating filaments and catheter

+ One hand operation for safety and simplicity

+ Color-coded for easy identification

+ Sterile and disposable



+ Size | 10 | 11 | 12


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